How Digital Sound Effects Works:
Purchasing Options
1. Subscribe and download an unlimited number of digital sound effects for a specified time period. ($19.99 per month)

2. Purchase a 5 pack of sound effects, which grants you access to download any 5 different effects ($3.99)

3. Purchase a single sound effect ($1.99)
Digital Sound Effects in 3 Simple Steps
1. Search / Navigate
Find the sound effect that meet your needs by either using the search feature along the top, navigating through the categories on the left, or selecting keywords under current sound effect results.

2. Shopping Cart
When you find a sound effect that you want to purchase, simply add it to your cart. Purchase a 5-pack or a monthly subscription to save money on multiple sound effects. A subscription entitles you to unlimited access to all the digital sound effects in the directory.

3. Login
After completing the purchase you will be redirected back to the site, and be granted access to the item(s) you purchased. Additionally you will receive an email that includes your login and password. To access your purchases at a later time, simply enter your login and password and begin downloading the sound effects. If you purchased a subscription you will be able to login for the length of your subscription.